New Era Bank

NEB is a fully intelligent one-stop service platform, including deposits, loans, leveraged mining, cross-chain mining, grabbing head mining, and automatic compounding, a series of DEFI behaviors help users to make stable and continuous profits.

NEB Key Features

Security Advantage

The code is open and transparent through the authoritative third-party Certik audit report.

Advantages Of Income

High income, the monthly rate is 15%-21%, and the annual rate compound interest can reach 300%+;

Community Advantage

Strong governance, DAO community autonomy, no project party.

About us

Why You Choosing NEB?

NEB is a new and very effective way to make money online.There are various transaction methods and high security. At the same time, the service in NEB is professional, efficient, simple and transparent! So many peoples who want financial freedom will choose NEB, because it’s so easy to come, the potential is endless, and we’d love for you to join us!

Profits of NEB

The profit logic of DeFiNEB is using the tokens which earned by depositing ‘U’ (usdt) to the LP mining pool and settled into stable tokens such as USDT.
Users don’t have to worry about currency price fluctuations, the core of DeFiNEB is to deposit ‘U’ to earn ‘U’.

Daily profits: 0.5%

The annualized rate estimate reach up to 300%+, with an average of 20.1% a month. Let say, investment of 1000, profits average 201 per month and 2420 per year; Annualized APY up to 300%.

The capital can be withdrawal at any time, and the profits part can be locked for seven days. After seven days, the profits can be withdrawal, and the withdrawal fee is 0.005%; ( Lock-up is the status quo for all defis, some up to 365 days, NEB is only seven days, only locks the profits, not the capital)

Our numbers

The Numbers Don't Lie

We offer better rates than our competitor on your favorite assets like BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT.


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Our Team

Defi neb’s team shares a passion for technology, financial markets, and digital assets. We use our extensive experience, both in digital assets & traditional finance, to help the new ecosystem prosper.

William Noah

Managing Director

Sofia Rose

UI/UX Designer

Michael Roy

Blockchain Expert

Sylvia Myntle

Web Developer

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.


Most frequent questions and answers

There is no one best exchange for every user. However, some of the features shared by the best cryptocurrency exchanges include solid security tools, low fees, several payment options, an accessible platform and availability on both mobile and desktop.
A large number of tradable cryptocurrencies that include various altcoins and trading pairs — for example, Bitcoin/Litecoin (BTC/LTC) and Ethereum/Bitcoin Cash (ETH/BCH) — is also something to look for.

Crypto exchange fees are complicated and can be the source of great frustration, especially when the cost of a trade suddenly spikes upwards due to unexpected charges.
Based on our research, we found that the best crypto exchange for low trading fees is Binance.US. Its maker and taker fees start at a very generous .01% / .01%, and its discount programs allow active traders to grab even lower rates.

In general, the smaller a token’s market capitalization is, the riskier it is as an investment. Therefore, look at the liquidity of tokens before committing your funds. Ensure you know how long a DeFi protocol has been in operation and how much money it has in total deposits before you invest.
You can look at its website to see if the company has taken reasonable steps to reduce its risks. You can also look for news items about the protocol being hacked on the internet and their precautions to prevent it from happening again.
To make it clear, there is no DeFi protocol without risk, but the above considerations can help you to evaluate the investment risk before you put your money into any protocol.

Depositing your cryptocurrency onto a platform or protocol that will pay you an annual percentage yield is the most straightforward approach to earning a passive income through DeFi.
Staking is the process of locking tokens into a smart contract in exchange for more of the same token. Yield farming is another way of rewarding yourself with more of the same token or a new token.
Your initial step will be to use a fiat on-ramp to purchase some cryptocurrency (i.e., using cash to buy cryptocurrencies). However, before you proceed with purchasing your crypto, keep in mind that the vast bulk of DeFi is based on the Ethereum blockchain, so BTC is rarely accepted.

Because crypto exchanges do not register with any central authority, it’s hard to know how many crypto exchanges there are at any given point in time. Many exchanges may be set up and then closed after very little time, which makes tracking this number even harder.
As of September 28, 2022, CoinMarketCap lists more than 270 exchanges, the biggest of which are Binance, Coinbase, and FTX (by volume of trades).

A cryptocurrency is a type of exchange, and it is similar to traditional currencies out there, except it is all virtual.
It is a digital currency that is classified as a virtual currency, so you won’t be able to ever hold it in your hand as physical currency, because it all happens online. The holder of the currency has ownership, and there is no other record kept as to the identity of the owner.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.